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Google + Hubspot 
Internet Marketing

Master Class

May 22, 2014 at SugarBush Inc.

Google Hubspot

[Pick The Brains of the Internet Marketing Greats]

It’s not every day that you get Hubspot – the undisputed king of marketing automation – in the same room with Google – the leader in all things ‘www’.

But from 9am till noon on May 22nd, 2014 at the SugarBush Inc. offices in Bloomfield Hills – it IS happening. 

And, you’re one of the lucky few to be invited.

Instead of figuring it all out on your own, why not learn the tips and tricks of those who already monetize the web best?

At this one-time event you will take away and be able to: 

  • Improve your "Sales Channel Strategies" to align your sales team and distribution channels.
  • Implement "Inbound Marketing Strategies" and tactics using the Buyers Journey to turn prospects into customers.
  • Create and leverage new techniques that "Generate Qualified Leads".
Created to help Marketing VPs, Owners, Presidents and CEOs finally get a handle on their own marketing and analytics; the Internet Marketing Master Class will fill up fast – so secure your spot now.


Mark_LP   Hubspot VAR Partner
Mark Parent, President, SugarBush Inc.
Capitalizing on the previous sales channel strategy discussion, SugarBush will describe how inbound marketing can be utilized to support a company’s various sales channels. The discussion will focus on how to attract more website traffic; generate more leads for sales & close customers with lead nurturing workflows.

Caherine_LP   Google
Catherine Johnson, SMB Services
The seminar continues with a presentation on how Google helps companies execute the final tactics in an inbound marketing and lead generation strategy. Google will present specifics on the products available to companies to assist them in driving leads as the final step in securing sales.

FulcrumMark_LP   Fulcrum Edge
Mark Lundquist, CEO
Our event will begin with a discussion on Sales Channel Strategy, by identifying the main types of sales channels (e.g. direct sales, sales reps, dealers, distributors, e-commerce and even vending). We will also review the company’s management, marketing and lead generation responsibilities to each of those strategies.

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